Afriqcare protects the data of its users and respects medical ethics and ethics

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We respect the confidentiality of your data and we do not have access to it !!!

Guaranteed data property

The data is exclusively the property of healthcare professionals, hospitals and patients who use Afriqcare. We do not have access to it. They do not belong to us.

Certified health data hosters

Data is hosted in Africa by certified health data hosts. The data is encrypted according to the strictest security standards.

Full compliance with the RGPD

We comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and we comply with French and German regulations on the security and ownership of health data.

AFRIQCARE is an international cybersecurity model

The cybersecurity score of AFRIQCARE is 83/100 according to Cyrating *. Among the companies evaluated in the health sector, AFRIQCARE is one of the few companies to have had a score above 80. * Cyrating evaluates each month the cyber security of AFRIQCARE and RGPD performance.

We respect the ethics and ethics of the health professions

100% neutrality

On Afriqcare, we treat each practitioner impartially: no one can pay to be put forward. Afriqcare search results are random and updated automatically every hour.

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Nous sommes contre les évaluations des praticiens par leurs patients car la qualité des soins est une chose difficile à mesurer.

The service before technology

We provide medical offices and hospitals with tailor-made services to transform their organization. We are the opposite of a platform.

We have a sustainable and transparent business model


We propose a unique economic model. Healthcare professionals and hospitals pay a monthly fee to access 100% AFRIQCARE services.

without commitment

Health professionals can cancel their subscription as soon as they wish: they use our services as long as we bring them value.


We bring a high value-added service to our users (practitioners, secretaries and patients) and develop continuous updates of features to make our solution sustainable.