Transforming health with a new approach

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To transform our health system,
we propose a long-term plan

Health is a value medicine is an indispensable sector for the development and development of the human species.It represents 10% of global GDP and is however facing many challenges:

For professionals and health facilities

  • Not very good organizations
  • A lack of technological innovation
  • poor collaboration between health practitioners
Our products for practitioners

For the general public and patients

  • Accès difficile aux soins de qualités
  • Difficulté à trouver des spécialistes de la médecine et obtenir des rendez-vous
  • Unreliable monitoring of changes in health status due to disparity of medical data in several health diaries
Our products for patients

Our goal is to provide healthcare professionals and institutions with tools and services that will enable them to strengthen their management systems and express their know-how. We believe this is the best way to improve the patient experience and their health.

We have introduced an innovative approach: we team up with practitioners and secretaries

An all-inclusive model

No hidden fees: our customers pay the same price for 100% of the services offered by Afriqcare

A team of professionals to satisfy you

Our practitioners can terminate Afriqcare at any time: they use our services as long as we bring them value.

Self-service technology

Our software is accessible from anywhere and its installation is quick and easy.

Personalized support and free advice

A dedicated contact person available at all times and daily practical advice to help you develop your business.

A team of professionals to satisfy you

AFRIQCARE is composed of teams in all regions of Africa developing solutions that meet your needs.

A collaborative approach

We develop innovative solutions centered on the exchange of information and teamwork.