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Your complete and visible profile on the internet
  • Share your key information with millions of patients looking for doctors: specialty, area of ​​expertise, rates, schedules, accessibility information, etc.
  • Your profile visible to millions of people thanks to our Google SEO and web marketing
  • Make appointments easier with you by sharing your online calendar and your free slots.
Develop your professional network
  • Interact easily with other health care professionals, whether you are a client or not
  • Receive patients from your colleagues providing complementary services to yours
  • Provide full services by recommending confreres
Professional tools to manage the journey of your patients
  • Put your time in profile by reducing missed appointments after 02 unjustified absences, a patient can no longer make an appointment at home.
  • Access the list of all appointments already made by your patients.
  • Follow your online performance with statistics and details on: your rate of appointments, unpaid appointments, number of new patients etc.
Better understand your patients and facilitate interaction
  • With electronic medical booklets, get a better understanding of your patients' discomfort and offer effective treatments.
  • Check the medical history of you patients
  • Interact easily with your patients thanks to powerful communication tools (Email, notification system, etc.)
Bring a smile to many families near you
  • Put your know-how at the disposal of many patients and develop your patient.
  • Record appointments for daily consultations and organize your agenda for the week, month or year
  • Follow the evolution of your patients from the first consultation to total healing.
A continuous and personalized accompaniment
  • Get free training from our experts to use AFRIQCARE
  • We put a dedicated contact at your disposal at any time to respond to your concerns in real time.
  • Daily practical tips to help you grow your business.

We commit ourselves and ensure compliance with all the ethical rules and codes governed by the various orders of health professionals, as well as the ethical charters of the exercise of activities on the internet.

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